Imagining Music - Photography

by Serban Mestecaneanu

"How do you imagine classical music through black and white photography? What do have in common the south of Oltenia and the Danube with Brahms, Dvorak or Shostakovich? These are qustions which photographer Serban Mestecaneanu proposed to find answers throughout a journey in 2008 alongside with the teachers, scholars and organisers of SoNoRo Interferente 2008 project. During the project, Serban captured images from the nearby community, villages of locals with people full of pride as well as landscapes of Danube and its vicinity. The combination between project photographs and community ones brings balance to the album and makes its reading a real pleasure. All images were taken during 2008 covering Spring, Summer and early Autumn.

The album consists of 138 B&W images, beautifully printed on high quality paper; the album dimensions are 282x220mm with introductory texts in Romanian, English, German and Spanish.

Some of the album images can be found on the artists web page at www.meste.ro"