SoNoRo Arezzo



SoNoRo Festival

Since 2011 the SoNoRo Festival has taken place in Arezzo, Italy. Home of Francesco Petrarca, Giorgio Vasari and Piero della Francesca, this ancient Tuscan city has been an important cultural center for centuries.

The SoNoRo concerts are a significant addition to the artistic landscape of the region and take place in some of the most beautiful palaces, churches and private residences.

We are proud to experience support, enthusiasm and appreciation of the Italian audiences. SoNoRo Arezzo is a successful experiment in exporting a cultural initiative and concept into another country. It opens new doors for both promoting SoNoRo internationally as well as creating bridges and connections on the European level.

  • "...this young, excellent ensemble is refreshing on the highest technical level... Misterious sounds and passionate drive are in perfect balance till the last reverberation...”

    Kobe Press, 24th October 2007