SoNoRo-Interferences is an educational project for talented young musicians aged 13 to 30. After the audition process, the scholarship winners get the opportunity to play chamber music together with internationally renowned musicians as well as receive tuition. The goal of the programme is to broaden the cultural and musical horizon of young music students and to help them in developing their creativity and professional skills at the beginning of their career.

SoNoRo-Interferences came to life in 2007 in Romania and has since then expanded to other European countries, including Italy (Arezzo and Montepulciano), Ukraine (Kiev) and Germany (Schloss Engers, in collaboration with the Villa Musica Foundation and Bad Endorf and Traunstein, in collaboration with the Chiemgauer Musikfrühling Festival).

Since then over 250 scholarships have been awarded.

Many of the scholarship winners reached outstanding results studying in prestigious musical institutions in London, Berlin, Vienna, Zürich, Hamburg, Bucharest and Vienna as well as winning prizes at major international competitions including ARD Competition in Munich and P.I.Tschaikovsky Competition in Moscow.

  • "...this young, excellent ensemble is refreshing on the highest technical level... Misterious sounds and passionate drive are in perfect balance till the last reverberation...”

    Kobe Press, 24th October 2007